About the cause Sometimes life can be hard, but there are a variety of counseling  services that employ trained professionals who are ready to help those in need. Counseling provides … Continued

Community Services

About the cause Community service has always been a source of guidance and direction for local communities. They help individuals find the right path for their life while also providing … Continued

HIV/AIDS Organizations

About the cause AIDs has long been a problem that has destroyed countless lives. There are organizations and causes that exist to improve the lives of those struggling with AIDs … Continued

Animal Services

About the cause Across the country there are countless animals that are in need. They’re hungry, homeless, sick and in desperate need of assistance. Thankfully there are a variety of … Continued

Medical Research

About the cause Exceptional medical care can only be provided by continued advancements in medical research. Medical research is vital because without the efforts of the medical community we would … Continued


About the cause We all share the planet earth. We should strive to take care of our home. Causes that support the environment work tirelessly to improve our planet by … Continued

Women & Family Services

About the cause Women and family services strive to ensure the well-being of families through services that range from advocacy, intervention and prevention. These causes understand that a community can … Continued

Food Services

About the cause Food services work to eradicate hunger and provide meals for those in need. Many food services, such as food banks, not only provide families with hot meals, … Continued

List of Food Services in US

Listed out the Food Services in the US that works to eradicate hunger and provide meals for those in need. Donate your car to Donation Line’s charities to ensure that no family or individual goes hungry.

Foodnet Meals on Wheels