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Donation Line, one of the largest, most visited and respected boat and car donation centers in America can quickly handle the donation of your boat, jet ski, car, truck, motorcycle or RV almost anywhere in the United States. We are only equipped to pick-up boats on trailers. Not all boats have enough value to warrant us to accept the donation. Within 1 business day of receiving your donation we will let you know if
we can accept your boat donation. Sometimes we may ask you to deliver it to our local facility if a pick-up is not feasible.


Boat Donation and Non-Profit Charities

Selling a boat is a time consuming, lengthy and difficult process. It could take months to sell your boat, and in the winter forget about it, nobody’s buying. With Donation Line it’s fast and easy, you choose any one of our 500 501-C3 non-profit charities you want to benefit from your boat donation and you receive a tax deduction for your boat donation. Your boat’s picked up in a matter of days, ending the high cost of owning, maintaining and storing your boat. All charities are pre-qualified to ensure your donation is tax deductible. Once you submit your boat donation, our experts work to maximize the return on your donation, thereby providing you with the highest tax deduction allowed by law and providing the selected charities with the most funds to provide services, conduct research and outreach.

Boat Donation Steps




You will be contacted by our Towing agent the same or following business day to arrange a convenient time for your vehicle pick-up. The towing agent will provide you with a pick-up receipt.


Your vehicle is sold for the benefit of the charity you select, typically at auction or to a parts/salvage dealer if it is considered a junk vehicle.


Proceeds from the sale are sent to the charity and your tax return ready letter will be sent to you by the participating charity.


Boat Donation Program

Simply complete our Online Boat Donation Form or call us Toll-free at 1-877-227-7487 anytime, seven days a week to start our no cost, no hassle boat donation process. Phones are answered by our experienced and trained operators. You will be contacted by our towing agent who will arrange a speedy pick-up. The towing agent will provide a pick-up receipt and the charity you select will send you a tax deduction letter.

Donate Your Vehicle
To learn more about how to donate a car, boat, motorhome, etc. and get answers to the most frequently asked questions, please click here. Click here to donate your boat now.