Car Donation Fundraising Programs – 501 C 3 Fundraising

You’ve heard or seen this advertising promotion on TV, radio, or in the newspapers. It’s a highly successful fundraising technique used by large charities with big fundraising budgets. In fact, non-cash donations are the most effective fundraising tool used in today’s market. This is because the donor receives a tax deduction for donating an item that, in most cases, has little or no value to them. Another bonus of the non-cash fundraising effort is that it does not compete with or detract from cash donations people would normally make.

How We Can Help

Donation Line can help any type or size 501-C non-profit organization compete successfully in the car donation program arena. We provide the administrative support services to launch and maintain the fundraising effort. This means:

  NO Committees!
We provide the administrative support services to launch and maintain the fundraising effort.
  NO Volunteers!
  NO Paid Workers!
  NO Budget Approvals!
  NO Administrative Work!
  NO Charges for Our Program!
An Easy and Effective Program
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We provide you with copy-ready flyers that fully describe the non-cash donation program and provide easy instructions to donors on how to participate. Your organization reproduces and distributes these flyers to your supporters.
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The donors calls our toll-free number and give us your special “client number” or donates by selecting your organization from a drop down list, on our website, and submitting the online form.
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We handle all arrangements between the donor and the service provider.
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We provide you with a detailed monthly report of activity and proceeds, along with a check and tax letters to be signed and sent to the donors.
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Your non-profit organization will receive 80% of the proceeds over $100 that we receive from the auction company on each vehicle. You will also receive 20% of the first $100. Donation Line will receive the balance as compensation.

Example: DonationLine receives an $800 payment from the auction company for a donated vehicle. Your organization will receive:
From the first $100 20% of $100 = $ 20.00
From the Balance 80% of $700 = $560.00
Total You Receive (72%) $580.00


Our goal is to create successful programs that reap substantial fundraising
profits for you with minimal demands on your organization.


Linking to for Donations

Car Donation ProgramOnce you have signed up for our service and have been added to our list of charitable organizations, don’t forget to link to our site so that we can start accepting donations on your behalf! Visit our examples page to view templates we’ve created – just copy and paste into your own web pages.